picThe DAR Museum, located in Memorial Continental Hall in Washington, D.C., features multiple American period rooms sponsored by a different state organization of NSDAR.

At the fall meeting in October 1928, the members of the New Hampshire State Organization voted to purchase a room to be called "The New Hampshire Children's Attic."

The New Hampshire Room represents an attic playroom and features dolls and toys from the late 18th through the early 20th centuries. Wallace Nutting, noted antiquarian, artist, author, and cabinetmaker, designed the room for NHSODAR. Mr. Nutting planned the room around an overmantel painting of a landscape that features two young girls from Piermont, New Hampshire.

Over the years, many items have been added or restored, including lighting. According to the NSDAR museum docents, the New Hampshire Children's Attic is the most popular of all the period rooms.

In 2012, the DAR Museum was able to purchase a mid- to late-19th century toy dry goods shop donated by the NHSODAR in memory of Anne Jollimore. Miniature rooms and shops were popular toys of the period in addition to the more common doll house. This one was probably made in Germany and imported into the United States. It is filled with an assortment of goods "for sale," some of which may have come with the store, but most of which was probably added by its young owners. The fun of such a shop is that almost any miniature item can find a place on a shelf and perhaps a china doll "customer" to purchase it!

Nothing can take the place of an on-site tour with a trained DAR Museum docent, but until you can come to Washington, virtually step inside the DAR Museum Period Rooms online with this interactive 360 degree photography tour. Click on this link to tour all the NSDAR Buildings and Museum Period Rooms.

Click here for a photo tour of the New Hampshire Attic.

The New Hampshire Attic Commission oversees the restoration and maintenance of the attic and its contents.