Investing in Independence

The New Hampshire State Organization Daughters of the American Revolution is proud to announce State Regent Wendy Stanley Jones' project, Investing in Independence. Mrs. Jones' project was unanimously approved by the New Hampshire Daughters at the annual Fall Meeting.

Mrs. Jones' project is to create a fund to protect and enhance our state organization's efforts in education. New Hampshire DAR provides monetary awards for American History and Christopher Columbus Essay contests, American History Teacher awards, scholarships for the DAR Good Citizens awards, and scholarships for college bound New Hampshire students.

The State Regent's Project is to raise $100,000 by 2019 to support the educational needs of New Hampshire's youth. All twenty-one of New Hampshire DAR chapters look forward to contributing to this goal.

Investing in Independence is represented by an image of a gold harp. Taken from the 1776 New Hampshire Copper Coin design, the harp originally represented the harmony of the larger and smaller colonies of the United States. Today, the harp symbolizes our efforts to supplement the established funds to support New Hampshire youth for generations to come.